what are the properties of Silver travertine stone ?

what are the properties of Silver travertine stone ?

Silver travertine stone is a natural stone, which is found in two tonnages of light and dark.

light Silver Travertine Mine is located in Kashan.

Silver travertine is one of the most popular travertine stones that appears in all exterior spaces of the building.

The dark silver travertine mine is located in the city of Takab.

Dark silver travertine is one of the most popular travertine stones for use in all outdoor spaces of the building, including the facade.

Usually, these stones are cut and processed in waves, but they can be ordered without them(waves).

silver travertine

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Travertine description :

Silver travertine stone with white lines on its silver background is one of the special colored travertines among all the travertine stones.

Travertine is a type of porous limestone that is considered a sedimentary and decorative stone.

These stones are left from the sediments of hot springs.

The cavities in this stone are a source of sediment due to the space occupied by gases in hot water.

The fewer water-soluble elements in these sources, the lighter the color of the stone will be.

Another factor that affects the quality of travertine stone is the amount of heat and height of the area.

Travertine has a porous texture and various colors and stripes, the color variation of which is due to differences in the compounds that are present at the time of deposition in the rock elements.

It is considered that because these veins have a different chemical composition from the rock background, they have less strength in the rock and form the critical point of a rock that shows the least resistance to impact or pressure, and The lower the impurities the higher the strength will be.

Travertines are suitable for the interior and exterior design of the building due to their very high porosity.

Travertines can be used on the building facade even in very cold and rainy areas without worrying about dropping stones.

This stone is available in the form of cups, slabs, and tiles.


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