What is Cream Travertine ?

What is Cream Travertine ?

Cream Travertine :Despite the white colors and tiny ordinary stripes that make this stone precious, The cream travertine price is reasonable.
Turkish cream travertine is well-known, although its stripes are not comparable with Iranian cream travertine.
This type of travertine is very suitable for use in open spaces, Because of its high quality due to its strength.
Because of its porosity surface, this type of travertine is suitable for outdoor usage, and its quality will not decrease over time or even in cold or hot weather.

cream travertine vein cut

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More about cream travertine

Travertine is a type of porous limestone that is considered a sedimentary and decorative stone.
These stones(yellow travertine) are leftover from the sediments of hot springs.
The cavities in this stone are created because of the space occupied by gases in hot water.
The fewer elements in its stones sources, the lighter color of the stones will be.
Another important fact is, The amount of heat and height of the area also affects the quality of travertine.
Travertine has a porous texture and various colors and stripes, the color variation of which is due to differences in the compounds present at the time of deposition in the rock elements and manifest themselves in the form of different veins.
Travertines are suitable for interior and exterior facades of buildings due to their very high porosity.
Travertines can be used in the building’s facade, even in icy and rainy areas, without worrying about dropping stones.

The interior view can also be referred to as:

Wall cornice

Stone next to the stairs And… Used depending on taste.

This stone is available in the form of cups, slabs, and tiles.
Cream travertine mine is located in different cities of Iran, such as Hajiabad, Mako, and Yazd.
Each of these natural stones has its characteristics, and according to the customer’s needs, one of the mentioned types is used.
Cream travertine stone is very soothing and environmentally friendly due to its cream color on the exterior and floor.


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