best top stone tiles – incredible for interior design + wall cladding

best top stone tiles – incredible for interior design + wall cladding

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best top stone tiles – incredible for interior design + wall cladding

top stone tiles which are incredible for interior design is the subject of this article. we are going to introduce many tiles that can provide a perfect scenery out of your building.

Top stone tile :

Marble tiles :

Few tiles can compete with marble. Tiles made from this high material have an incomparable prestige. A marble is a metamorphic stone formed from limestone subject to intense heat and pressure through the natural movements of the earth’s crust. One of the drawbacks is This premium high-quality stone is very high in price, Marble stone tiles are more expensive than other stone tiles. While marble is very tough, the polished one can be too slippery.

Golden/Yellow travertine

Granite :

you can consider granite as the closest marble competitor in appearance but from very different stones.

Granites are made of compressed quartz, mica, feldspar, and other tough materials. This combination of tough materials makes granite harder than marble. Polished granite is ideal for kitchen islands, while the extra grip of honed granite fits better for flooring in crowded areas.

Travertine :

Travertine is a special limestone that forms around mineral springs.

The limestone surface is smooth but travertine which is a limestone subcategory is not as smooth as the limestone surface, it has a vast color.

travertines are much softer than regular limestone, so they could be fragile.

Travertine needs more maintenance than many natural stone tiles.

Slate :

Slatestone tile is another amazing option. It’s made from tiny fragments of silt and clay compacted under high pressure and heat.

Slate tiles are available in a range of different finishes. Choose a grippy, natural cleft finish for crowded areas or a honed or sandblasted finish for a more polished appearance on walls and counters.

Marble stone :

Marble stone is one of the most famous stones in the world.

Marble stone is used for exterior design as well as interior design.

Marble has lots of patterns, which you can use in different ways and mix them to give you the best combination.

If you use marble stone for exterior design, it gives a very luxurious look to your building.

If you are interested in designing a new custom home, marble and limestone are two of the best natural stone choices for several reasons. We will tell you some of the reasons why choosing marble stone is the best choice for your home design.

  • Marble and Limestone Are Durable
  • Marble and Limestone Are Timeless
  • Marble and Limestone Are Beautiful
  • Marble and Limestone Are Easy to Maintain
  • Marble and Limestone Are Eco-Friendly
  • Marble and Limestone Are Versatile Stone Options

 interior marble wall cladding :

You can personalize your home by using marble in your home interior wall design. You can give meaning to your home.

If you use wall cladding with light-colored marble, your room seems to be much bigger and helps form a lovely backdrop for artwork and other interiors.

Marble cladding makes maintenance easier.

In the end, it depends on your taste to use it or not.

Iranian marble prices are mentioned on our website.

best top stone tiles - incredible for interior design + wall cladding

Marble stone for bathroom :

If you are considering using marble stone in your bathroom, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this stone. There are many advantages to using marble in your space, including its beauty and classic look, which gives a very beautiful and luxurious look to your bathroom.

Since marble has been used in buildings for centuries. Not only does it give a luxurious look, but it also gives a very classic look.

One of the disadvantages is its price, which is too high. Another one is, that while marble is a strong stone some types of it, are porous.

You can also check Iranian marble prices on our website.

Golden black marble :

Golden Black Marble is one of the most beautiful stones.

Golden black marble is one of the most famous stones because of its great appearance. This stone comes with a black background and white gold, and white streaks.

Golden black marble is mostly used in Iranian markets and other neighboring countries.

Golden Black Marble stone can be used in many ways, for example, flooring, stairs, walls, etc.

Stone prices :

Outdoor and interior wall designing are another important part of interior design.

In the case of the most expensive and luxurious interior wall stones, we can name the types of agate slabs in the first place, then marble and onyx. By using LED panels behind opal and marble stones, there will be a beautiful view of light passing through the stone texture can be created, which is common in luxury buildings.

It is worth mentioning that the price of an opal gemstone will be approximately 40 to 80 times higher than marble stones for large sizes.

travertine stone cladding :

Travertine is a widely used building material that has been utilized in various construction projects for ages.

As its adaptability, travertine can be used for various uses. It can be used anywhere, but is mostly used for:

  • Flooring and walls
  • Stairs
  • Cladding purposes
  • Bathroom and shower tiling
  • Countertops and backsplashes
  • Stone basins

Travertine cladding is often applied inside the home to add a sophisticated appearance to any area’s interior.

When applying stone cladding inside your home, you will see that your interior design will amazing, even if you are applying it just to one wall.

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