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Travertine natural stone

Travertine is a banded, compact variety of limestone commonly formed along streams, where there are waterfalls or around hot or cold springs. The holes in the travertine were created by carbon dioxide bubbles that were trapped when the stone formed. This gives it an open texture that can be filled or left in its natural state.

It has a lineal (vein cut) or concentric (crosscut) appearance and mainly comes in cream-colored and tan varieties. We also have a new range with darker veining. This stone is a great choice for flooring and can be used both inside and outside your home.

White cream White cream Travertine  is the most beautiful & expensive stone.

This stone often has a fibrous or concentric appearance so it can be used even in very cold and rainy areas without having to worry about rock.

Travertine’s colors are typically warm and range from the lightest white or cream to beige, gold, brown, even red and rusty varieties.

In addition, You can read more about our Guarantee policy and Shipping policies here.

Retail policy price list of travertine produce for tile & slab:

The price of tile, slab for retailer sale is the price that end users will pay for

so this price list should be flexible in discounting I Favier of clients otherwise, you will not succeed in increasing your buyers. limestone is suitable for indoor façades & indoor floors of a building, travertine is a special stone &very beautiful & is very good for façade of buildings & indoor.

Wholesale policy price list produces of tile & slab:

When you are going to buy Iranian produce of travertine, please be informed that if you ask for a wholesale price list you will have the advantage to get a better price of tile, and slab. Even you will have.

The price of Bulk buy of the produce of tile & slab: 

When you are going to order bulk buy of stone quality is no issue for you

& price is very important so you should inform the seller of this to

offer you a better depo of bulk stone.

The price policy for the sale of tile & slab produce:

When you ask for direct sale as an agent of the producer of this stone  is

better to have an agreement to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

Travertine Slab Range
Cream Travertine
Cream beige

Red Travertine


Silver Travertine ( Dark )

                                                              Dark Silver

Cream  All variety of color

ISC-T 01-Cream Grade A

Cream Grade A

                                                                                  Cream Grade B

                      Cream Grade C

ISC-T 04-Cream Grade D Cream Grade D

Cream  All variety of color

Red travertine

Red travertine
walnut travertine
ISC-T 012- Persian Brown Walnut
Persian Brown Walnut

silver travertine

                                                                              silver  light

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