Multi orange onyx

Multi orange onyx

Multi-orange Onyx

Multi-orange Onyx is a very elegant orange color, with white parallel stripes on it, which makes Onyx much more flattering. This type of Onyx is natural. Orange Onyx marble is mainly used in interior design and to liven up the bathroom. The orange color of Multi-orange Onyx is natural, and its surface is very smooth and shiny. Onyx stone installation and maintenance are very easy.

Multi orange onyx

Orange honey Onyx 

The word ‘onyx’ derives from the Greek word ‘NUX,’ which means ‘Nail’ or ‘The sharp claws of animals. This name is because of its color, which is like human skin and flesh.
The onyx stone is a type of chalcedony mineral. Onyx stone mainly comes with parallel black and white stripes, which have many different colors.
In today’s market, the solid black type is more famous and Bestseller.
The Onyx rock is composed of silica deposits in volcanic lava pores.

This natural stone has beautiful, translucent, and contrasting colours. The colors of onyx are soft and sensuous, bold and beautiful, and work best when used under lighting or backlighting to draw attention to these translucent qualities. You can choose from pastel shades of golden honey, greens, smoky greys, and a deep amber. The bands or lines of contrasting color running throughout the stone contribute to its unique characteristics. Similar to marble, onyx can be finished with a polished or honed surface.

Marble is a metamorphic stone that is formed from the metamorphism of limestone.
Its principal mineral is calcite. This stone has been widely used for sculpture.
The facade of the Taj Mahal is made of marble. This stone is also used in pilgrimage buildings and shrines of Imams.
Italy is one of the largest producers of marble in the world. The finest marbles in the world are also produced in this country.
One of the outstanding features of marble is the passage of light.
The polishing ability of these stones is very high, and they can be polished to the extent of polishing mirrors.
These stones have different minerals and colors, and their main characteristics include beautiful colors and a good polish.

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