best use and advantages of Nero Marquina Marble

best use and advantages of Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina Marble, which takes its name from the basque country Spain, is a noble and
simply fascinating stone. Although its origin is from spain but “Nero” is an Italian word meaning
black. Its velvety black color with white veins gives you an endlessly aesthetic decorative

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The genuine black color of the Nero Marquina marble gives your home a magical touch, whether
it is used in bathroom, on floors, walls or stairs. The mirroring effect of this stone adds a
majestically decorative uniqueness wherever it is used. In addition, the contrast between the
shiny black background and irregular white veins, is an eye catching elegance which is not found
in any other stone. Another advantage of Nero Marquina that worth to consider, Marquina is
estimated to have a large reserves in existing sources. It is also good to mention that because of
the glorious black color of this stone goes with every kind of color and material, it is very easy to
decorate your place.

Other marble colors

Carraca white marble which is suitable for sculpture and the classical type of marble, Guatemala
green marble with its calming effect and Emperador brown marble that has earthly tones and
easy to match your warm environment; Nero Marquina has all characteristics and besides being a
classic marble has a modern aspect also.

The price of the Marble

It mainly has a wide price range which depends on the location where the stone comes from, the
slab and thickness, quality and beauty. Some marble has a limited quarry therefore are more
expensive. There is always an option for every taste considering the wide color and types of
marble. We should keep in mind that it is durable and beautiful so worth to spend our money on.

Best use of Nero Marquina Marble

Black Nero Marquina could be used in your flooring, bathroom, walls, stairs, countertop and
fireplace surroundings or any part your heart desires. Whether you choose a contrast or matching
color to your marble it will add value to your decoration.


Marquina Marble meets both taste a modern and also classic taste because of its rich black color.
The resilience and natural texture of this stone makes the buyer never bored or regretful.
Compare to other materials, marble is reported to last more than hundred years. So there is no
wonder why Marquina is so much desired and always on top of homeowner’s’ wish list.

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