usage and different types of white marble

usage and different types of white marble

White Marble

White marble is one of most desired stones which is timeless, special and always known as a
valuable natural occurrence. In the origin aspect of the word, we can come to the ancient Greek,
in which marmaros means shining and gleam stone.

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Creation of Marble

From the growth or place changing of minerals and natural fragments existing on earth surface, a
sendimentation rock are formed. A type of sendimentary rock is called Limestone and if the
percentage of mineral dolomite is high it is called Dolomite rock. The result of transformation
and modification of these type of rocks and mainly Limestone and Dolomite, is pure white

Different types of white marble

There are many types of marble which depends on the intensity, purity, pattern and the location
the marble comes from. You cannot find even two slabs of marble which are alike, that is why it
so special. But the white marble is known as the most classic type and only to have a slight look
at it we can classify it into five types. The first one is Carraca marbles, which has a light gray
white color with thin veins, seen mainly in kitchen, bathroom walls and fireplaces. The second
type is Mystery white marble, it has a creamy white color and not so much visible veins. The
third type is the Himalaya White Marble, which is mainly used for floors. The forth type is
Calacatta Marble which is named after its origin, Carrara Italy. The last white type marble is the
Statuario Marble with the gray background and dark grey veins is a good choice for countertops
of tiles.

Color of Marble

Marble comes with different patterns and colors, but the difference of marble colors depends on
the pureness of Limestone or Dolomite. More specific the impurity in minerals of these stones
are caused by sand, chert, clay… existing in the layers of limestones. We can find this stone in
different colors such as gray, pink, yellow, black…which all depend on the impurity of the
minerals mentioned before.

Usage of Marble

As we have seen many times in the city or our homes, this white marble is used in sculptures and
constructions because of its softness, it is easy to carve and give different shapes without being
This valuable natural stone on one hand is a cultural symbol as we can find in museum and our
city in order to honor the person or hero. And on the other hand marble is known as a luxurious
decorative object in our homes. Every interior designer can’t deny the magical and luxurious
effect which marble can give to surrounding area.

Another use of marble in the crushed stone form is in highways, building foundations and
constructions. For instance, in Taj Mahal building three kinds of stone is used but the grace given
to the building by the huge white marbles are not deny able.
Although the usages of marble mentioned before are the most known but this rich substance is
also used as whiting product when it is crushed into powder and the impurity removed , it is used
as a pigment, brightener, and filler in paint, paper and other products. In this crushed format
marble is also an acid neutralizer. Therefore it has a usage in chemical industries also.


Marble has so many uses in many categories such as agriculture, pharmacology, cosmetics, paper
and paint, architecture and sculpture etc. that is one of the few stones having such a multi-
dimensional properties. Besides, Marble might be expensive but with considering the fact that it
is a natural, long lasting substance let alone the uniqueness and beauty it give to the surrounding,
it totally worth to invest in. In addition, the diversity of price gives you the option to choose the
more suitable stone in your favor.

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