Calcutta marble stone & whiy it is so special

Calcutta marble stone & whiy it is so special

calcutta marble stone usage and price – why calacatta marble is very special : Among all the valuable and luxury stones that are in the category of white marble stones, Calcutta is well-known in the world as Calcutta. Calcutta is a stone that manufactures in India. Calcutta stone has very beautiful patterns on its surface, which multiplies the charm of this stone.
Calcutta stone has gray lines on its surface. Calcutta marble is one of the most special imported stones.
White marble stones, which are the same as white porcelain stones, are very beautiful stones that have many fans all over the world.
Similar samples of Calcutta are also available in Iran.
The mines of these kinds of stones are located in Lorestan province and the Aligudarz region.

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why calcutta is very special

Here we are mention some of Calcutta stone’s structure points for you:
• Very high density
• Proper subs
• High strength and durability
• High abrasion and compressive strength
• Very low water absorption
• Ability to create book match and format frames
• Unique colors and designs and high visual appeal

the Calcutta stone’s usage:

And here we are mentioning some of the Calcutta stone’s usage:
Calcutta slab stone is very popular among designers due to its unique beauty. This stone has been used in many luxury residential, office, and commercial projects.

And here we are mentioning some of the Calcutta stone’s usage:

• Interior spaces of the building
• Hall floor, reception, and rooms
• Interior walls of the building
• Luxury hotels, shops, and malls
• On the stairs and under the stairs
• The entrance lobby of buildings
• in elevator
• In the cabinets and kitchen
• Luxury baths
• Luxury toilets
Today, the uses of slab stone are increasing day by day, and these stones are produced and marketed in different dimensions and sizes according to their place of use and application.

There are some factors that are affecting the price of Calcutta stone:

Although the price of Calcutta stone is higher than similar stones, its visual beauty and attractive appearance are also common and special.

• The size and dimensions of the stone coupe
• The type and nature of the stone.
• Mining and purchase costs of the mine
• Type of cutting and processing of stone
• Sorting or grading of stones
• Ability to convert to book match and format
• Polished surface, cleanliness, and a minimal amount of streaks on the rock surface
• Stone transportation costs

Aligudarz Crystal stone, which is similar to Calcutta stone, is one of the most famous and best slab stones in Iran. As mentioned before, the origin of this stone is located in Lorestan province and the Aligudarz region. This stone has high quality and besides, it has a lower price than Calcutta stone, and this has made many designers use this stone instead of Calcutta stone. Aligudarz Crystal stone is mainly processed in the form of tiles and slabs.

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