Makoo Black Marble


  • Slabs sizes
  • (250×280) x (1.5-180) x (20-30) CM
  • Tiles:
  • 30x30x1.5,2 &3 CM, 30x60x1.5,2 &3 CM, 40x60x1.5,2 &3 CM, 60x60x1.5 ,2 &3 CM, 60x120x2 &3 CM, 80x80x2 &3 CM, 100x100x2 &3 CM, 120x1260x2 &3 CM
  • Cut to any sizes of client’s order
  • Finishing:
  • Polished
  • Sand blast
  • Honed
  • French pattern
  • Brushing
  • Packing:
  • Wooden box & inside covered by salophen or plastic layer for tiles
  • Wooden or special steel pallets.
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Elegance and Timelessness of Black Marble, Exploring the Beauty of Black and White Marble Varieties, Including Makoo Black Marble

Marble, a symbol of timeless beauty and luxury, comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Among these, black marble, with its deep, rich tones, has always held a special place in the world of interior design. This article will delve into the allure of black marble, including Makoo Black marble, the best black marble varieties, and the striking contrast of black and white marble. Marble, with its inherent elegance and beauty, transcends design and architecture. Black marble varieties, particularly Black Marble Makoo, hold a special place due to their richness and versatility. This article delves into the allure of black marble, especially Black Marble Makoo, and explores their complementarity with wood in design and architecture.


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The Beauty of Black Marble & Unveiling Black Marble Makoo

Black marble, a natural stone with a dark, elegant allure, has been a favorite choice for designers and architects for centuries. Its deep, velvety tones and striking veining make it a timeless choice for adding drama and sophistication to interior spaces. Black Marble Makoo is a distinct black marble renowned for its deep, intense color and captivating veining. Quarried from the Makoo region, this natural stone is esteemed for its luxurious appearance, making it an ideal choice for various design applications.

Exploring Makoo Black Marble

Makoo Black marble, also known as Makoo Black Gold marble, is a premium variety of black marble sourced from the Makoo region in Iran. This stone is distinguished by its deep black background and striking gold and white veining, creating a mesmerizing contrast. Makoo Black Marble is a preferred choice for luxury projects, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication.

The Best Black Marble Varieties

Nero Marquina marble, quarried in Spain, is famous for its deep black color and white veining. This striking contrast makes it a stunning choice for floors, walls, and countertops, providing a bold and modern look to any interior.

Black Marquina marble, similar to Nero Marquina, is also quarried in Spain. It offers a rich black backdrop with unique white veining, creating a captivating visual effect. Its exquisite appearance has made it a favorite for high-end projects.

The Striking Contrast of Black and White Marble

The use of black and white marble in tandem can create a stunning visual impact. The contrasting colors offer a classic, timeless aesthetic. Whether in checkerboard patterns, intricate mosaics, or bold, large-format tiles, black-and-white marble images are a powerful design choice for those looking to make a statement.

Exploring the Best Black Marble Varieties

Best Black Marbles

  1. Nero Marquina Marble: Originating from Spain & Iran, this black marble is characterized by its fine white veining, providing a striking contrast against the dark background.
  2. Absolute Black Granite: While technically not a marble, it’s an intense black stone known for its uniform color and durability, often used for countertops and flooring.
  3. Black Marquina Marble: This variety features bold, expressive white veining that creates a dramatic effect against its black base, making it a popular choice for interior design.

Complementing Black Marble with Wood

Black marble, including Black Marble Makoo, can beautifully complement wood in interior design. The combination of black marble with wooden elements offers a sophisticated and contrasting aesthetic.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The rich, dark tones of black marble harmonize well with the warmth and natural textures of wood, creating a visual contrast that adds depth to the space.
  • Versatile Design: Pairing black marble with wood in flooring, countertops, or decorative elements provides versatility in design, allowing for both modern and traditional interior aesthetics.
  • Visual Impact: The marriage of black marble and wood generates a striking visual impact, making it an excellent choice for creating focal points within a room.


Black marble, with its deep, rich tones and striking veining, embodies elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s the opulent Makoo Black Marble from Iran, the classic Nero Marquina from Spain, or the captivating Black Marquina, black marble offers a world of possibilities for interior design.

The striking contrast of black and white marble creates a timeless visual impact, making it a favorite choice for designers seeking to infuse their spaces with drama and character. The best black marble varieties, including Makoo Black Marble, are investments in luxury and style that stand the test of time, adding an air of sophistication to any project.

Incorporating black marble, whether in its pure form or combined with white marble, is a design choice that transforms spaces into works of art. The beauty and elegance of black marble, exemplified by Makoo Black Marble, are certain to captivate and endure, leaving a lasting impression in interior design and architectural projects. In the realm of marbles, Black Marble Makoo and other best black marble varieties stand out for their exceptional beauty and versatility. These black marbles, with their unique veining and rich, dark hues, contribute to luxurious and timeless design applications.

When combined with wood, black marble achieves a striking contrast that elevates the visual appeal of any space. The fusion of these elements, their natural textures, and color contrasts create an ambiance that is both modern and timeless, offering a myriad of design possibilities.

The combination of Black Makoo and wood is an excellent choice for those seeking to create a space that exudes sophistication and style. The play between these natural materials promises a design that is not only visually captivating but also enduring, making it an investment that transcends trends and time. Embrace the beauty of black marble, complement it with wood, and craft spaces that exude luxury and elegance.



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