Travertine Stone Slab / Tile / Block are available…..more info

Travertine is a banded, compact variety of limestone commonly formed along streams, where there are waterfalls or around hot or cold springs. The holes in this type of stone had been created by carbon dioxide bubbles, which were trapped when the stone formed.

Its grade is most of the time determined based on the holes within the stone. Holes within this type of stone are part of the stones nature and criteria. Within its industry today, the rule of the thumb is the less holes there are within traver tine stone, the higher the quality.

This gives it an open texture, which can be filled or left in its natural state.

It has a lineal (vein cut) or concentric (crosscut) appearance and mainly comes in cream colored and tan varieties. We also have a new range with darker veins. It is a great choice for flooring and can be used both inside and outside your home.

We highly recommended to use it for outside due to its high water and pressure resistance.

Beige Travertine

Red Travertine (veincut)

Light Beige Travertine

Cream Travertine

Cream White Travertine

Noce Travertine

Golden Yellow Travertine

Light Travertine

Light Silver Titanium Travertine

Dark Silver Titanium Travertine

Rustic Orange Travertine

Walnut Travertine

Chocolate Travertine



Red Travertine