stone in designing : how to remove or install interior stone

stone in designing : how to remove or install interior stone

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Stone in designing , specially marble stone is one of the fundamental materials which plays a vital role in many aspects of our life, Stone can be used in building structure, designing, jewelry industry, etc.

It has lots of types like marble, travertine, etc.

We will tell you which type is fits in which part of our home. How to install wall stone yourself or remove it, and how to paint the old ones.


Stone in designing :

Builders, designers, and decorators have been using stones for home designing for centuries. Stone is one of the most Necessary and the base of building materials, which seems not going to be forgotten. Natural stone can fit perfectly into any designing style, from modern to traditional. Covering a wall with stone will add texture, color, dimension, and beauty to the room. Stone can even be used to cover the cracks.


choosing stone :

Stone veneer comes in countless colors, textures, and shapes. Each stone shape can create a beautiful layout on the wall.

At first, when you want to choose stone for covering or Interior stone wall ideas, you should consider the harmony between your wall, furnishing, and even walls.

One way that can give you lots of ideas is searching through the internet, and social media like Instagram, and Pinterest, or go out and browse the galleries. If you want a Southwestern-style home, a flat, thin sandstone-type veneer would be very well. If you want a modern-style home, choose a stone veneer with a sleek, uniform look.


Installation :

Stone veneer can be applied to any surface you want without the need for structural changes as long as the surface has been properly built. Stone thickness can vary from 3.8 to 10 centimeters.

If you’re installing a stone veneer on a clean, unpainted masonry, you can apply the mortar directly to the wall. Work in small areas so that the mortar doesn’t set up before the stones can be added.

You should always install the cornerstones first, and the remaining parts can be applied as you wish from the top down or vice versa.


painting the interior stone walls :

You may want to paint the interior stones for any reason, but the hardest part is to start.

At first, you are going to need


stiff-bristled brush

Water spray



Nap roller

Paint tray

Painter’s tape


The first step is reparation :

wash the surface with vinegar. Use as much as you want, there is no problem.

Now use your stiff-bristled brush to brush the stone very well. Not only It turns your old stone into a new canvas, but also allows the paint to dry properly. And now you can repeat the painting if it is necessar.



stone in designing : how to remove or install interior stone


The second step is a slick surface :

Use your water spray. Spray on the surface with a light mist, because the stone is naturally absorbing liquid, so it is better to spray some water on the stone surface. Water plays the buffer role to prevent paint absorption.


The third step is priming :

This step is optional, but it is recommended for some reasons.

If you use a dark color stone for your wall and you want to paint it with a light color, priming will help you to decrease the number of layers of paint on your stone.

You are going to need a nap roller. You may need to brush the primer over the grout line.


The last step is the painting :

the best painting type you may choose is latex acrylic stucco paint.

Paint the first layer on your stone surface.

Now you need to use your thick nap roller and roller tray. In this step, you need one or two coats.

It is necessary to brush over any crevices to ensure a complete cover.


How to remove interior stone wall :

To removing an interior stone wall, use a hammer and chisel to break up the cement mortar between the stones and remove the stones as they become loose. It is very important to remove the loose stones as soon as possible to prevent them from falling and causing potential injury.

It is necessary to wear safety goggles and work gloves while you are working.


Stone flooring :

You can also use stones for flooring. It would be gorgeous and luxurious.

You can choose between lots of stone types as you prefer.

As we mentioned before, you can get ideas by checking social media and check the galleries.


Ideas :

Here we are giving you some ideas to use what type of stone is perfect to fit.

Granite for kitchen

Marble for bathroom

Quartzite for living room

Slate for private study

Limestone for bedroom



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