Sealing and Cleaning Travertine

01 Feb Sealing and Cleaning Travertine

When you want unfilled holes, use the sealer generously to fill the holes and when grouting prevent the grout from depositing in the holes. For the filled holes, just brush the surface of the tile with your sealant. The grout will still be able to fill the holes, but it will be easy to wash the grout off the travertine’s surface. Sealing the travertine serves to protect the stone. It can also enhance the color of stone and provide either a glossy or matte finish. The choice is yours.Caution: When cleaning your travertine floors do not use vinegar, an acidic or an abrasive cleaner, so as not to scratch or discolor it. Make sure you wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Sweep or dust mop the floors frequently and mop the floors with a neutral cleaner or a stone soap. Rinse and dry the tile after using the soap.