We are Exporter, Manufacturer and Quarry Owner of Natural Stones; Travertine, Marble, Onyx, and Granite based in Iran.

At F.R.S it is also our privilege to have a share of verity collection of most beautiful natural Travertine, Marble and Onyx.

What we deliver whether, in Block, Slab or Tile are meticulously picks, or crafted with the highest quality machinery and supervision.

We are a member of the Iran Chamber of Commerce as well as Australia, Italy, Canada, England.

  • Sales & purchase manager: Mr. Farzin Alijani (cell: +989128439584)

Company Name: Affiliated with Farzin Rock Stone Co.
Division: Stone Exporting, Manufacturing and Quarry
Established: 1992 by R-Alijani.
Ownership: Private
Total number of employees: 56
Registered License: 414446 At Ministry of Commerce.

Activities: Export, Import,  Manufacturer and Quarry Owner.

  1. Stone: Exporting Travertine, Marble, Onyx & Granite in the form of Tiles, Slabs, and Blocks.
  2. Mineral: Exporting Gilsonite, Red Iron Oxide, Dolomite, Bentonite, Barite, Walnut Shell, Silica and etc.




  • we are a member of Iran Stone Association. 

Head Office: Unit#E,2nd Floor No.55, Allameh Tower, North Allameh St, East Sarv St. Kaj Square, Saadat-Abad Ave, Tehran, Iran.
Post code: 1997855449
Tel: +9821 – 222063227
+9821 – 22092057
+9821 – 22092060
+9821 – 22099131
Fax: +9821 – 89774992
E-Mail: info@iranmarble.net
Web: www.iranmarble.net

Iran cope center is ready to identify investment opportunities of potential investors and mine owners, including selling some part of its share to them (to be able to expand the business)

Note 1: The company has sales offices in China and Australia.

      Mr. Farzin Alijani